Broke As A Teacher

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Week 1: Introduction

I have been asked dozens of time to help friends, family, and former students get their finances on track. I do not possess a degree or licence or any type of professional training in the realm of finances, but I am a 20-something, teacher that makes a lower-end salary stretch to not only provide peace of mind, but a multitude of adventures.

Over the next few weeks, and hopefully the entire year, I will provide a weekly post to help you on your journey to financial freedom. I will do it without fancy systems or expensive courses.

How am I qualified?

I guess if you need a certificate of some sorts, then I am NOT qualified to give financial advice. But I have life experience. I’m not yet 30, and have been teaching for 7 years. I graduated college at the ripe age of 21 and bought my house by the time I was twenty-three. I OWN (no lease or note) a nice Lexus and have zero debt other than my mortgage. I have the financial freedom to have traveled to places around the globe, donated money to people/charities in need, and provided an easy-living lifestyle for myself. I don’t say these things to brag about my financial stability, but I do want to show you what you’re capable of when you plan your finances and truly own your money.

Money Mindset

Before starting your journey, you will need to change your mindset.

1. Learn to Say No

Most people hate to tell themselves No! I’ll admit that it is not always fun walking away from an adventure or item you really, really want, but if it’s not a necessity and your budget does not allow for the purchase, then the answer is always NO! I would love to purchase a Porsche Cayenne or Lexus RX, and I know that I could make it work with my budget, but it would prevent me from traveling as much as I like, so the answer is NO! Plus it probably would not bring me never-ending joy that I imagine while cruising around in a new car.

2.You Do NOT Deserve the New Purse

One of my least favorite sayings is, “You deserve it.”

You graduated from college–you deserve a brand new car (even though you don’t have a steady job).

You got married–you deserve a brand new home out of your budget.

You lost the extra 5 pounds–you deserve that Kate Spade purse.

If you’re going to be financially successful then you have to stop making excuses for your over-the-top spending. Creating excuses to purchase things outside of your budget comfort zone is a terrible mindset.

3. Invest in Your Current Lifestyle

So you don’t have the house or car of your dreams right now, but you do have shelter and a vehicle that rightly deserve to be taken care of. Keeping your home and car in good condition will build pride in your current situation and make it much more bearable until your reach your goals. Put a fresh coat of paint on your home, wash your car monthly, and keep an uncluttered life. Start dressing the part for success. Your clothing does not need to cost a small fortune, but you can keep your clothing fresh and classy simply by ironing and removing stains.

Whether you’re middle-aged, a college student, or even a high school student working a minimum wage job, join us on this journey to financial freedom!

If you’d like to join us, please enter your e-mail on the right to receive alerts when I post the weekly updates!

Come back next week to learn how to create a budget that works with any salary!


Chic & Cluttered

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Adored: 365 Devotions for Young Women is a beautiful collection of scripture and reflections directed at young girls, 13 and older. It is the perfect book for young ladies that face modern-day problems with grace and modesty. Each day includes a quote from scripture followed by a reflection. After reading the reflection, the reader has an ample area to journal thoughts and feelings.

As a junior high teacher, I see the need for young girls to need a daily reminder that they are loved by someone bigger than themselves. With Christmas upon us, the Adored: 365 Devotions for Young Women would make a thoughtful and unique gift.


Official Description

Each day features an easy-to- read, relevant devotion paired with a scripture verse and
journaling space to help readers reflect on the day’s message. The book tackles tough
topics girls face, from bullying and social media to friendships and dating, all the while
showing readers how infinitely precious they are in God’s sight.
There is no specific author. It will be listed as Zondervan.
$14.99, Hardcover, For ages 13 & up

If you’re interested, try a free 7-day trial download!

Or if you’re ready to purchase, check it out here!

Want to win a copy? Enter below.

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Let the Children Come

Let The Little Children Come aims to provide effective gospel tracts and evangelism tools and resources for children.
It is the hope that these tools and resources will help you in conveying the powerful gospel message to children. These gospel tracts are all specially designed to capture and hold the attention of children, while not distracting them from the core message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Wonderful tools to use in Sunday School, VBS, and outreach programs.  Easy for children to understand and talk about to their friends!

What are tracts?
Tracts are fun, small books that have images that appear to move when a piece of plastic hoovers over the image. They are so fun and eye-catching. Gospel tracts are focused on the wonderful stories from the Bible.

If you have a weekly group of kids that you meet with at church, each pack can be divided and used for several weeks. Each package includes several tracts and two bracelets that represent salvation. These packs or individual goodies are a great way to teach kids about the Gospel.

They also make stocking stuffers. Head over to Let the Little Children Come to buy yours now!
If you’re interested in a certain tract, check the links below!
These are my favorite!


Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255:  “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”):  I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post. All opinions are my own.
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Tyler Perry’s Higher is Waiting was released today,  November 14, 2017! I had just added it to my reading list when my copy arrived. Being from the South, I was intrigued by Perry’s memories of life in New Orleans. Higher Is Waiting journeys through Tyler Perry’s life while describing his relationship with God.

Each chapter offers reflections, Bible verses, and positive reinforcements. It is refreshing to read about a highlighted Hollywood mastermind that shares his spiritual journey.

Official Description

An intimate book of inspiration by one of the great cultural icons of our time
Higher Is Waiting is a spiritual guidebook, a collection of teachings culled from the experiences of a lifetime, meant to inspire readers to climb higher in their own lives and pull themselves up to a better, more fulfilling place. In this intimate book, Tyler Perry writes of how his faith has sustained him in hard times, centered him in good times, and enriched his life.
Beginning with his earliest memories of growing up a shy boy in New Orleans, Perry recalls the moments of grace and beauty in a childhood marked by brutality, deprivation, and fear. With tenderness he sketches portraits of the people who sustained him and taught him indelible lessons about integrity, trust in God, and the power of forgiveness: his aunt Mae, who cared for her grandfather, who was born a slave, and sewed quilts that told a story of generations; Mr. Butler, a blind man of remarkable dignity and elegance, who sold penny candies on a street corner; and his beloved mother, Maxine, who endured abuse, financial hardship, and the daily injustices of growing up in the Jim Crow South yet whose fierce love for her son burned bright and never dimmed. Perry writes of how he nurtured his dreams and discovered solace in nature, and of his resolute determination to reach ever higher.
Perry vividly and movingly describes his growing awareness of God’s presence in his life, how he learned to tune in to His voice, to persevere through hard times, and to choose faith over fear. Here he is: the devoted son, the loving father, the steadfast friend, the naturalist, the philanthropist, the creative spirit—a man whose life lessons and insights into scripture are a gift offered with generosity, humility, and love.
In celebration of this great release, I will be hosting a giveaway! Please share on social media!
The giveaway is for 1 copy of Tyler Perry’s Higher Is Waiting.
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Lionsgate’s The Gospel of Luke was released on October 17, 2017, and has been intriguing audiences in the past weeks. The narration of the Luke’s perspective on the events surrounding Jesus’ life, has been praised by  religious scholars. The movie paints a beautiful picture of the Gospel of Luke. Though not rated, the 205 minute film, is suitable for the whole family.

I highly recommend this beautiful film that will captivate your family for years to come. I think it’s a great movie to watch during the seasons of Advent and Lent when our focus should be turned even more to Jesus and His life.

The Gospel of Luke II.jpeg

Following The Gospel of John and The Gospel of Mark comes the third installment in the renowned Gospel film series, The Gospel of Luke, arriving on DVD, Digital HD, and On Demand October 17 from Lionsgate. The third book of The New Testament comes to life for the first time with a truly unique, word-for-word adaptation that uses the gospel narrative as its script. Shot on location in Morocco with consultation from expert theologians and biblical scholars, and produced by the Lumo Project, The Gospel series was given the Dove Faith Friendly Seal for 12+.

The Gospel of Luke, more than any other, fits the category of ancient biography. Luke, as “narrator” of events, sees Jesus as the “Savior” of all people, always on the side of the needy and the deprived. Narrated in the NIV by British actor Richard E. Grant and in the KJV by Sir Derek Jacobi, this epic production — featuring specially constructed sets and the authentic countryside of Morocco — has been critically acclaimed by leading religious scholars as a unique and highly authentic telling of the Jesus story.

The Gospel of Luke III.jpeg


I’d love to hear what you thought of the film. Also, what Advent and Lent traditions do you celebrate? Comment below!




This is a sponsored post on behalf of Review Wire Media for Lionsgate. I received information to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.
Happiness Project

Fall Bucket List (Pinterest).png

Fall is my absolute favorite season! For me, it’s more transitional than the new year resolutions we set in January. It’s a time to stop and inhale the crisp, Autumn air and renew my spirit. It’s a time filled with family, snuggles, and stories around the fire.

Fall reminds me that there is season for everything. And this season is for renewal and rejuvenation. I hope this Fall Bucket List finds you on a front porch enjoying the falling leaves and a warm cup of apple cider.


Fall Bucket List

Enjoy this free printable! What is your favorite fall tradition?



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In today’s society women and young ladies are bombarded with negative body images along with images of scantly clad women that most strive to recreate. Unfortunately, we often forget that fitness is not just to look great in the mirror, but it is a reflection of how we treat ourselves and our bodies as temples.

We should be nourishing our souls, minds, and bodies with positivism. Michelle at Faithful Workouts has developed a wonderful fitness system that supports one’s soul, mind, and body. Faithful & Fit is a membership based at home system that features uplifting and spiritual articles on a weekly basis.

Watch a detailed review HERE!


  • Weekly motivational e-mails featuring scripture and inspirational articles
  • Variety of beginner, intermediate, and advanced workout videos
  • Weekly meal plans
  • Weekly grocery lists
  • Monthly challenges
  • Facebook support group

To celebrate this wonderful program that will support thousands of women and young ladies, I am hosting a giveaway for a FREE one year membership.*

And if you’re not lucky enough to win, then try a FREE 14-day trial.

Looking for more information? Check it our here!

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Target Giveaway.PNG

 With fall quickly approaching, what better time to win a $150 Target shopping trip to get all the necessities and a few special treats. Good luck!


Prize: $150 Target Gift Card

Giveaway organized by: Oh My Gosh Beck!

Rules: Use the Rafflecopter form to enter daily. Giveaway ends 10/6 and is open worldwide. Winner will be notified via email.

Are you a blogger who wants to participate in giveaways like these to grow your blog? Click here to find out how you can join a totally awesome group of bloggers!

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Image result for patterns of evidence exodus review

Is the Bible true?

Patterns of Evidence was originally released in 2015 and explores the credibility of the Bible with commentary by several Christian scholars.

The quality of the production was of the highest and offered a very intriguing perspective of several stories from the Bible. The documentary takes the audience on a 12- year journey, using animations, with well-known archaeologists: Israel Finkelstein, Kent Weeks, and David Rohl.

While some may not agree with filmmaker Timothy Mahoney, Patterns of Evidence will intrigue viewers on both sides of the debate about the Bible’s credibility. There were some debatable and not covered in great detail opinions about the Exodus, but overall the documentary is a great addition to your wealth of information or a great school assignment for students to study various perspectives.

If you’re interested in purchasing or viewing the documentary, watch the following trailer or visit the website. For less than $3, you can watch it on Amazon or Vudu!


Recently, I have been working on improving my morning self-care routine that normally consists of me hitting snooze so many times that I throw on a little make-up and head out the door–late, of course! HSI sent me a professional flat iron so that I could review it. The HSI Professional 1″ Flat Iron has made it so easy to straighten or curl my hair each morning in less than 10 minutes.

The ceramic heat plates warm within seconds; you can adjust the temperature from 140-450 degrees Fahrenheit. The iron is so sleek that your hair, no matter how nappy, will not get snagged while straitening or curling.

If it couldn’t get any better, you will receive a curling glove and velvet storage bag–perfect when getting ready at the gym and needing to throw it into your bag still warm.

I only have one complaint–the temperature and on/off buttons are located between the two ceramic plates making it difficult to make adjustments while warm.

Check out this wonderful product with the link below!

Glider Ceramic Flat Iron

Or on Amazon