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As we enter into July, I am approaching my 7th year of teaching. I began my career teaching English Language Arts and Reading, but after three years I made the switch to 7th Grade American History. When I began teaching history, I just knew that I was going to incorporate my love for ELA into my new classroom, as it was pertinent to meeting the new standards. One feature I brought from my ELA classroom was the Interactive Notebook system for organizing classroom notes and activities.

Interactive Notebooks (INB) allow students to create a personalized textbook. INBs can be used in just about every subject area.  As I begin planning for the upcoming year and throughout the year, I will be providing freebies that I have created to make my life easier in the classroom! Today, I am offering a basic table of contents that can be used for any class. If you’d like me to personalize the table of contents, send me an e-mail at

Here are some helpful hints when printing or copying pages for your INB:

  1. Print two pages on one sheet.
  2. Or copy/print at 80%

This ensures that the pages are the perfect fit for Interactive Notebooks!

Looking for other classroom inspiration, check out my Teacherisms page!

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Freebies, Teacherisms


NAEIR is an acronym for National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources. The organization allows teachers and other service organizations to get FREE resources. The catch? The items you select must be used for the ill, elderly, or youth. Of course, as a teacher all the products can be used in the classroom. NAEIR legally cannot charge individuals for the items. They only charge a nominal shipping fee.

How does this work?

Larger companies donate items to NAEIR and receive a tax write-off. Non-profits then get the items for FREE!

Is NAEIR legit?

Yes, yes, and yes! I have ordered and received my shipment in a timely manner. NAEIR offers great products from companies like Crayola, 3M, and Rubbermaid. Enjoy a wide variety of products from pens to laminating machines to clothing and shoes. I recently saw a 2-pack of 3M laminating machines for just $24 shipping!

As teacher, I am always looking for more economical ways to supply my classroom, and NAEIR has helped me greatly! CLICK HERE to get started! It may take a few days to be approved, but it is well worth the wait!