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10 Ways To Shop For Christmas Free

You may want to have a seat before reading the next line, but there are ONLY 26 weeks until Christmas 2016 or 188 days. Now breathe, I don’t expect that anyone is hauling down the tree or picking out color-coordinated gift wrap, but if you look around at stores like Hobby Lobby, you’d think the most wonderful time of year has begun!

It may not be time to get your tinsel in a tangle, but it is time to prepare financially. Other than credit card rewards, I enjoy using several sites to save money for Christmas. If you begin now, Christmas could be paid for before it gets here!

I am featuring some of my favorite and easy ways to earn money without leaving home. Now by clicking some of the links, I will earn a little reward (the government says that I have to inform you).

I would suggest creating an e-mail account just for your moneymaking, survey, and sweepstakes sites. I love using Gmail, and find that it is very user-friendly to organize my digital clutter.

1. MyPoints
MyPoints allows users to earn points for reading e-mails, making necessary purchases, completing surveys, watching videos, printing and redeeming coupons, or donating money to charities. Redeem points for gift cards to most major stores and restaurants like Bath & Body Works, Applebee’s, Amazon, iTunes, and the list goes on! Click here to get started!

2. SurveySavvy

I am always leary when someone promotes a survey site…is it legit?! When a friend posted about Survey Savvy on Facebook, I decided to give it a shot! I have not been disappointed! Earn money with quick and fairly short surveys. Once you have a balance, request a check that will be recieved in 4-12 weeks. The minimum amount to cashout is ONLY $1! Click here to get started!

3. Ebates
Ebates has to be one of my favorite ways to earn money for Christmas and birthday spending. I simply use Ebates when making online purchases. If you don’t shop online, simply link your credit card and link offers to shop in-store. The percentage earned changes often, so check back frequently for the best earnings. Ebates also offers great coupon and daily deals. Click here to begin and earn $10 for just signing-up!

4. Swagbucks
Swagbucks allows users to earn bucks by doing online searches, surveys, polls, shopping, watching videos, and playing games. I recommend setting Swagbucks as your homepage and use it immediately upon searching the Internet. Easily cash out your swagbucks for gift cards or sweepstakes entries. Click here to get started!

5. Viggle
Everyone loves watching a great TV series or listening to music, so why not get paid to do these favorite pasttimes? Join Viggle and begin earning points! Simply check in when listening to a song or watching a show. Earn Perk Points that can be redeemed for gift cards. Click here to get started!

6. thredUP
ThredUP is a great online consignment shop that pays you to clean out your closet! I have been using thredUP for about a year and make $30-50 with each clean out bag I request. It is so easy to get started, simply request a clean out bag, stuff it with your gently used name brand clothes, and mail back free of charge! It will take about 4-6 weeks to process your bag and recieve your money. Use the money on their site to purchase gently used clothes or transfer the money to your PayPal account! Click here to get started! Using my link will give you $10 to spend right now!

7. Pinecone Research
I have been doing surveys for Pinecone Research for quite sometime. Most surveys pay $3 per survey or you earn points towards rewards. Pinecone is a legitimate way to earn some sideline cash. Click here to get started!

8. Etsy
Do you have a crafty side? Use Etsy to share your high-quality and unique creations. I have friends that make $500-5000 a month selling their products on Etsy. Click here to get started!

9. Community Selling Posts
Many communities are looking to Facebook to create virtual garage sales. Don’t have time to set-up tables and organize items, simply join or create a Facebook group where locals post pictures and prices of items they need to sale. Make sure to meet in a secure location. Craigslist is also another option to sell unwanted goods!

10. Product Reviewer 
Reviewing products for companies is definitely my favorite way to get cheap or free gifts for Christmas! Follow my link to another blog post about becoming a reviewer. Always remember to provide honest and high-quality reviews so companies will continue to ask you to review. Click here to get started!

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