Happiness Project

My Happiness Project (Promises)

As cliche as it may be, I am pondering my goals for the coming year. Reflecting on the past year, I realized that year after year, I complain about the days being long but the year inevitably short.

Do you ever feel like each day is on repeat? Wake up. Work. Clean. Sleep.

My goal or promise to myself for 2017 is to live fully in the moment and enjoy each day. I will be developing and implementing a happiness project. I was inspired years ago by Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project. After a break-up with my high school sweetheart and boyfriend of 6 years (in 2011), I was searching for true happiness. Rubin’s book inspired me to tackle small habits to find myself and improve my life.

So this year, I will take readers on my journey to finding my happiness. And I invite you all to join me. Use my forms or use the blank ones provided to create your own happiness project.

The first step is to create a list of promises to yourself that are not too specific. Just ideas that you would like to live by each day. Rubin calls her list Personal Commandments, but I named mine Promises. Whatever you call them, post the list in a spot that tends to remind you of the life you truly want to live.

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Wanting to create your own? Click here to get a blank version.

Be Content- My first promise and reminder to be content where I am in my live. I am a perfectionist, always striving for bigger and better.

Be Positive- Being a teacher and working long hours make it difficult to look on the bright side.

Let Go- Hanging onto anger, anxiety, and regret can hold us back; those feelings do not affect or hurt anyone except ourselves.

Don’t Wait- Procrastination is my worst enemy.

Live in the Moment- Spending too much time on social media while my boyfriend and I are spending time together or viewing sites from behind a camera tend to steal the moment away from me. Always waiting for the next best thing.

Prioritize- Emphasizing things that do not matter in the long run tend to rule my life–planning the next school outing, developing lesson plans, or repainting my baseboards for third time in a year.

Invest in Relationships- Forming and maintaining meaningful relationships is important in living a fulfilling life.

Have a Grateful Heart- Trying not to complain and being grateful for the small things is sometimes a struggle.

Enjoy the Wait- Always waiting for something else to make us happy or fill a void can spoil the present moment. Be thankful for all things happening in their own time.

Listen- Always listen instead of planning the next piece of the conversation. Genuinely give attention to those speaking to you, whether with words or emotions.




  1. Hello!
    I love your list! I definitely do not think it is cliche to be pondering your goals, no matter what time of year it is. It is an important thing to do! Thank you for sharing your promises!

  2. I love this and feel that goals and goal posts are a necessary means to living a productive and thriving life. It causes us to become introspective and decipher not only what we want to do but what we can work on as unique individuals!

    1. chicandcluttered@gmail.com Author

      It’s so true! We are always on our phones or social media and not fully engaging in the small moments that define our lives.

  3. Bailey

    “Enjoy the wait” is one of my mottos this year too. It’s hard to stop in our drive-thru world and practice contentment and patience.

  4. “My first promise and reminder to be content where I am in my life*. I am a perfectionist, always striving for bigger and better.”

    I’m also there right now. Day by day I’m getting better at it.


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