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Broke A$ {a} Teacher–Financial Freedom

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Week 1: Introduction

I have been asked dozens of time to help friends, family, and former students get their finances on track. I do not possess a degree or licence or any type of professional training in the realm of finances, but I am a 20-something, teacher that makes a lower-end salary stretch to not only provide peace of mind, but a multitude of adventures.

Over the next few weeks, and hopefully the entire year, I will provide a weekly post to help you on your journey to financial freedom. I will do it without fancy systems or expensive courses.

How am I qualified?

I guess if you need a certificate of some sorts, then I am NOT qualified to give financial advice. But I have life experience. I’m not yet 30, and have been teaching for 7 years. I graduated college at the ripe age of 21 and bought my house by the time I was twenty-three. I OWN (no lease or note) a nice Lexus and have zero debt other than my mortgage. I have the financial freedom to have traveled to places around the globe, donated money to people/charities in need, and provided an easy-living lifestyle for myself. I don’t say these things to brag about my financial stability, but I do want to show you what you’re capable of when you plan your finances and truly own your money.

Money Mindset

Before starting your journey, you will need to change your mindset.

1. Learn to Say No

Most people hate to tell themselves No! I’ll admit that it is not always fun walking away from an adventure or item you really, really want, but if it’s not a necessity and your budget does not allow for the purchase, then the answer is always NO! I would love to purchase a Porsche Cayenne or Lexus RX, and I know that I could make it work with my budget, but it would prevent me from traveling as much as I like, so the answer is NO! Plus it probably would not bring me never-ending joy that I imagine while cruising around in a new car.

2.You Do NOT Deserve the New Purse

One of my least favorite sayings is, “You deserve it.”

You graduated from college–you deserve a brand new car (even though you don’t have a steady job).

You got married–you deserve a brand new home out of your budget.

You lost the extra 5 pounds–you deserve that Kate Spade purse.

If you’re going to be financially successful then you have to stop making excuses for your over-the-top spending. Creating excuses to purchase things outside of your budget comfort zone is a terrible mindset.

3. Invest in Your Current Lifestyle

So you don’t have the house or car of your dreams right now, but you do have shelter and a vehicle that rightly deserve to be taken care of. Keeping your home and car in good condition will build pride in your current situation and make it much more bearable until your reach your goals. Put a fresh coat of paint on your home, wash your car monthly, and keep an uncluttered life. Start dressing the part for success. Your clothing does not need to cost a small fortune, but you can keep your clothing fresh and classy simply by ironing and removing stains.

Whether you’re middle-aged, a college student, or even a high school student working a minimum wage job, join us on this journey to financial freedom!

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Come back next week to learn how to create a budget that works with any salary!


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